Millroy service list:

Decorative Vinyl and frosting applications:
- Millroy stocks vinyl for glass frosting of the best quality in SA from leading suppliers
- Our range of products provides both functional and decorative solutions.
- Our experienced team designs, cuts and applies vinyl and frosting according to clients specifications

- We specialise in glass and wall art applications


Llumar glass tinting:
- We are accredited architectural installers (AAI) of Llumar film in South Africa.
- Llumar is the top window film company in the world.
- Llumar films ensure blockage of UV rays, control of heat and glare
We install:
* Llumar Safety Film is made of clear heavy-duty Polyester compound which provides a thin transparent barrier against threats
* Llumar Energy Saving Film which reduces excessive solar heat by up to 84% improves insulation properties and reduces energy costs by up to 15% and reduces Co2 emissions.
* Llumar Decorative Film enables to customise designs through specific needs and taste to ensure privacy with perfect balance between function and style.


This versatile film series is ideal for office space, conference rooms, banks, restaurants and health care facilities.


- Onsite sandblasting services (various surfaces such as concrete, stone, bricks, wood, all metals)
- Offsite sandblasting services at our factory suitable for smaller items (up to 4 meters in length
and 2,5 meters in height).


- ClearShield products produce a non stick easy to clean higher quality of glass while maintaining original light transmission and clarity
- Existing glass can be renovated and protected onsite with ClearShield

- ClearShield treated glass is ‘Super Green’ on average halving the energy requirements and carbon emissions for routine washing of external glass
- ClearShield is ideal for architectural and solar-panel glass
- For internal applications ClearShield is proven to resist adhesion of bacteria which means hygienic environment ideal for kitchens, showers and sandblasted glass
- 100% guaranteed results


- We use technically superior high quality Mirka products (Polarshine/Abralon) for all ScratchOut jobs to ensure best results
- Scratched glass repair and polishing
- Economical alternative to glass replacement
- Onsite service
- Ideal for damaged or scratched glass on construction sites and domestic


Alplas Blinds:
We are registered agents and installers of all Alplas blinds products
* Vertical blinds
* Venetian blinds (Wood, PVC, Aluminium)
* Roller blinds
* Honeycomb blinds
* Roman blinds
* Electrical and battery operated blinds